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real estate sales and home loans
Loans Realty Elite

Loans Realty Elite Corporation
DRE License #02160287  |  NMLS License #2280777
Real Estate Broker, CA Dept of Real Estate

Build your Real Estate and Home Loans Business with us.

We want your business to grow by providing you the best Real Estate Sales and Home Loans possible so we can have a successful long term working relationship.

We do all the services for the agent and LO to have better quality control.

With our extensive knowledge in the loan industry, we can help you close more sales, and of course, more commission if you also have your NMLS license.



We have over 18 years of broker experience and extensive knowledge of both sales and loan scenarios.


Broker Flat Fee

$495 Flat Fee for Real Estate Sales Transactions, and $995 Flat Fee for Real Estate Loan Transactions. For example, $400k purchase price x 3% sales commission = $12,000 – $495 sales broker fee = $11,505 to you. Same scenario, you did the loan side at 3% downpayment Conventional loan, $388,000 x 2.75% loan commission = $10,670 – $995 loan broker fee = $9,675 to you. Total combined commissions is $21,180 in your pocket for representing the same client on the sales and loan side! *NMLS license is required to do loans.



We have Agent and Loan Officer support through our Real Estate Assistants, Transaction Coordinators, dedicated Loan Processors, and our In-House Professional Marketing Team.

What to Expect?

You will have your access to Loans Realty Elite’s Back Office!
Our team developed a back office website as a resource for you to do all your daily activities including the following:

  • Referral Program Announcements

  • Marketing Materials

  • Social Media Request

  • Sales/Motivation Training Videos

  • Loan Training Videos

  • Loan Tools

  • Sales Tools - Buyer‘s Side and Seller’s Side

  • Viewing and downloading of Daily Rate Sheets

  • Signing up for Direct Pay

  • Posting of Your Active Listings

  • Company Policies, News, and Announcements

  • Company Support Roster with Work Schedule

  • List of Vendors (ie Termite, Roof and Home Inspectors)

Why Choose Us?

✓     Interpersonal Company Communication Platform

You will have the ability to communicate with our loan processors, transaction coordinators, real estate assistants, Emil with our interpersonal company communication platform in which you can request updates, exchange documents with no file size limits, and to snippers all from your desktop computer or using your mobile phone.  This eliminates personal emails and text messages as you have one platform to see the communication history in real-time.  No more reading long email threads or jumping from one platform to another.  This is a huge advantage to keep your files moving quickly and eliminating communications.

✓     Associates Get the Lowest Rate for Personal Loans

One of the benefits of being an Associate with Loans Realty Elite is that you can use our company to do your home loan needs for refinancing or purchase loans.  You will get the lowest interest rate in the industry as we will give you our wholesale rate and we only charge the flat fee of $1,000 to cover our company expenses (ie E&O insurance) plus loan processing fee.  No competitor can beat that!

Loans Realty Elite
Free Marketing
Free Website
Free Real Estate Assistant
Flat Fee Broker
Do BOTH Sales and Loans
Dedicated Loan Processors
20+ Lenders
Free Loan Training
Loans Realty Elite
No Hidden Fees
Able to do Loans in other States
Free Business Cards
Free Errors and Omissions
Build a Team
Open an Office with Shared Expenses
Charge Any Amount for Listings
  • Marketing Team

    Every real estate agent needs marketing materials in order to gather quality leads, but most agents don’t have the time nor skill to produce professional-looking marketing materials. Loans Realty Elite is here to help by providing a wide variety of comprehensive and high-quality materials that can definitely increase the traffic in your business and help level up your real estate game! No extra fee charged for their service.

    It is 100% free to the LRE associate.

  • Real Estate Assistant (REA)

    Full time real estate assistant hired by Loans Realty Elite and supervised by Emil Dollesin to help all associates with putting an offer, listing, counters, addendum, extensions, requests for repairs, etc, and including ordering inspections for the associate.

    To initiate these requests, the associate uses the company’s web portal to access these functions. Once requests are received by the REA, they then access the Zipform Online and will send the CAR Form pdf version to the associate for review and approval. If approved by the associate, it is then sent by the REA to the buyer or seller whomever the LRE associate is representing for esignatures. The associate will be cc’d once all esignatures are completed for the associate to send to the other party.

    No extra fee charged for their service. It is 100% free to the LRE associate.

  • Transaction Coordinator (TC)

    Loans Realty Elite company representative that will complete the DRE minimum and company required sales disclosures once the buyer or seller is in a contract that is represented by the LRE agent.

    They will use either ZipLogix Digital Ink or Docusign to have all parties esign the sales disclosures. They will monitor all contingency periods including COE deadline. They will send our sales broker demand for our sales commission to escrow. Their fee is paid by the buyer or seller whose LRE agent is representing.

    If sales transaction is canceled, no fee is paid by anyone.

  • Loan Processor (LP)

    The loan processor will put the loan together, including getting the written verification of employment, pull credit, calculate the income, price the loan (ie interest rate), order appraisal, and shop for the best loan program that suits the borrower’s situation (ie fico score, DTI, LTV, loan amount, recent economic event).

    Basically handle the loan from A – Z for the loan officer. They will also run Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriting (DU) on all loans, except for non-QM or private hard money loans. They will review and discuss with the LRE loan officer on what potential obstacles that each borrower may have, including required gift funds or seller credit needed for closing costs. They will send our mortgage broker demand for our loan commission to escrow. Their fee is paid by the borrower and not the loan officer.

    If the loan transaction is canceled, no fee is paid by anyone.

Emil Dollesin:
(Real Estate and Mortgage Broker)
DRE License #01465357
NMLS License #242753

Loans Realty Elite Corporation:
DRE License #02160287
NMLS License #2280777
Real Estate Broker,
CA Dept of Real Estate